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I’m not especially surprised to learn that a few 9/11 conspiracy theorists got booted out of last night’s Hillary Clinton fundraiser. We do after all live in a country that tasers college students who ask ex-presidential candidates what frat they were in.

What did surprise me however was Bill Clinton’s simplistic response: “How dare you!”



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According to Jeffrey Toobin, author of “The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court,” the pro-life crowd will have to wait for another appointment. Despite the flurry of talk about Roe vs. Wade being overturned, it’s safe to say that, for now, at least five of the nine Supreme Court Justices will continue to uphold the precedents of the court. (more…)

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Democrats should not nominate Hillary Clinton, because she can’t be trusted and because she’s a woman.

There–I finally said it. For some time I’ve kept quiet about my conflicting inner dialogues about Hillary Clinton. But my desires to see anybody but Hillary get the Democratic nomination are not subsiding, thus I must now profess to my blogging friends (with whom I usually agree) that I believe Hillary wouldn’t be any better at the helm than somebody like John McCain. Several times I’ve contemplated coming out of the closet as an adamant Hillary-nonsupporter, but lately its been abundantly clear that my heart simply will not be in it, if I’m asked in 2008 to pose as someone who trusts Clinton.

woman president

But the statement I want to make is even more controversial than that, and I know it may infuriate the feminists in my discipline–many of whom would nominate Aileen Wuornos for President based on vagina points, serial-killer status not withstanding. I’m not speaking out against Hillary solely because I dislike and distrust her immensely and believe she’d make a hideous president; even if I didn’t perceive Clinton as a power-hungry phony, I still would hesitate to vote for her (in the Democratic primaries) because she’s a woman. That’s right, I said it–flip out feminism! Call me pejorative names if it helps you simplify the situation. (more…)

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If you’re running for president in this country, what does it take to get a major news network to STOP acknowledging you as an official candidate ?

First, announce that you refuse to make major decisions on behalf of corporations to the detriment of the American public. This will ensure that you see exactly none of the money that goes to Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, etc.

When this happens, unless you pretend to be completely oblivious or indifferent to your situation, you must point out on national TV that, as a result of being blackballed by the corporations you are being snubbed by the TV stations you can’t afford to pay off.

This will pretty much get the job done, as Mike Gravel has discovered. Today when five Democratic candidates announced they were blowing off the Michigan primaries and two (Chris Dodd and Clinton) announced they would stick it out, CNN made no mention whatsoever of Gravel’s plans. At first I thought Gravel had withdrawn altogether and I’d simply missed the announcement while wasting time in the intellectual wilderness that is academia. But, of all folks, FoxNews came threw with the news that Gravel had chosen to leave his name on the ballot for now.

I may write later about how this situation, whether you are Clinton, Dodd, Obama, Gravel, or the state of Michigan, represents a demonstration of calculated American opportunism at its best. But as C. Wright Mills might remind us, the political posturing of “The Power Elite” is nothing new. What is new is CNN suddenly doing a shittier job than Fox at hiding its shadiness and corruption. Are they really that pissed about his comments at the YouTube debates that they’re trying to convince people the guy doesn’t exist?

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