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“What went wrong?” is the question we pretend to ask. But what most of us really mean is: “Whose fault is it?”

Who can we blame?

It’s important to have a scapegoat, preferably a human being or a group of them. Assigning fault is not only a soothing process; it’s one helluva way to make a political point. Got some enemies you don’t like? Wait for something horrific to happen, then hop on your “political hobby horse” and find a way to pin it on them. (more…)


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Today speech writers put the finishing touches on the sermon Bush will give tomorrow in Minneapolis. The President plans to spend this evening memorizing the speech, asking Karl Rove what the big words mean, and hoping his Texas Rangers without Gagne and Texeira won’t be as hopeless as his presidency without Colin Powell and Richard Clarke. (more…)

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I tend to steer clear of the marijuana debate, mainly because it seems like an arena where educated people are consistently made to look like fools by those who have no clue what they’re talking about. But the timing of the AP’s release of this story is too unbelievable for me not to mention it.

DEA badgeOn Wednesday the DEA raided ten marijuana clinics in Los Angeles, arresting clinic owners and managers who allegedly sold marijuana to patients who hadn’t been prescribed it. Most people—potheads and non-smokers alike—were outraged, as it seems rather absurd for L.A.P.D. to waste valuable manpower on victimless white-collar crimes. Is the city any safer if a few thousand potheads are prevented from getting their fix? If anything, cracking down on corrupt marijuana clinicians triggers a boom in the black market, giving more money to American drug dealers peddling drugs for the foreign market.

Whenever policy decisions infuriate large quantities of Americans, I hold my breath and wait for the propaganda to follow, often toting so-called “scientific” claims that are certain to sweep up the mess. Sure enough, on Thursday night—just as Geraldo Rivera was explaining to Bill O’Reilly that pot smokers are peaceful people and marijuana is less harmful than a lot of stuff that’s legal in this country—the following story ran across the AP wire: (more…)

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