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(This blog entry was adapted from a comment I left in a debate triggered by criminyjicket’s blog entry about Bill O’Reilly’s sandbagging of Ron Paul. If you’re looking for intelligent dialog with conservatives who transcend the “jesus Hates Fags” Right and the “nuke everyone who’s skin is darker than my refrigerator” crowd, CJ’s blog is the place to find it).

closed-mind.jpgWhy do so few anti-war people acknowledge that Islamic terrorists are dangerous and crazy? Why do so few pro-war people acknowledge that the U.S. govt. is corrupt, the U.S. news media are corrupt, and most American corporations (i.e., Halliburton) are corrupt?

As terrorists become crazier and more dangerous, the corrupt powers that be in the U.S. make more money. Why? Because Americans are afraid, and thus we support sending our poor to die in lucrative circle-jerk wars? (more…)

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250px-robertdavispolicebrutalaty.jpgIn an unusually clear-headed performance, Bill O’Reilly deviated tonight from his usual “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality. After showing a video of retired elementary school teacher Robert Davis being ruthlessly attacked by New Orleans police officers in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, O’Reilly acknowledged that it looked kind of disturbing.

To be sure, the police beating, as well as officer Robert Evangelist’s subsequent “Not Guilty” verdict, looked more than disturbing. Evangelist’s bogus trial and subsequent acquittal epitomized the “blue wall of silence”–the double standard that places cops above the laws we trust them to enforce.

It was refreshing to see O’Reilly for once live up to his claims of being a populist who “looks out for the people.”

But alas he reverted to his typical cowboy mentality in the following segment about Abdullah Mehsud, a suicide bomber released from Guantanamo who later blew himself up in Pakistan. (more…)

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