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On the same day she celebrated the long overdue exit of Mark Souder of Indiana, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow went after Rand Paul for fifteen minutes, browbeating him for his wrong answer to a hypothetical answer about a nearly fifty year old bill.

Rand Paul is a different shade of Right Wing than Mark Souder. I’m rather bored with the hypocrites of the Souder variety; hearing them talk just makes me tired.

I wish more Republican politicians were like Rand Paul–intellectually poised and (more…)


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Before last night I’d never given a second thought to Senator Chris Dodd. Boring and flavorless, the white-haired presidential hopeful had been a non-factor in every debate I’ve watched, a hackysack for the other Democratic candidates to kick around.  He was a nonentity, the dull guy from Connecticut whose name I could never remember because even that was unspectacular.

Nothing about Dodd distinguished him from the pack. There was no authentic aura accompanying him at the podium, or brazenly innovative ideas hiding up his sleeve. His only redeeming trait, actually, was his ability to make other candidates to look good.  Maybe that was his function all along, to be the beige background that illuminated the top-tier candidates, so that Hillary would seem candid and Obama spontaneous.

When I heard that Dodd was slated to appear on the O’Reilly Factor, my first thought was to feel sorry for him.  The show’s domineering pundit, Bill O’Reilly, who had mastered the art of intimidation interrupting.  I figured O’Reilly would bully Dodd for the entire segment, reducing his guest to a bystander and then gloating about it afterward to his pseudo-celeb sidekick Dennis Miller. (more…)

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You may have guessed by now that my views are indeed more consistent with Democrats than with the ultra-conservative Cowboys currently sitting in the white house. Despite my (general) leftward leanings, I maintain a capacity to assess every situation and issues by its own merits, meaning that I do not consult my “How To Be a Proud Democrat” manual before announcing where I stand on a given topic. And now I will prove it.

To avoid calling the kettle black, I should probably show how, as a wandering grad student with much less to gain or lose, I possess a sense of honesty long since abandoned by the news media hogging the public’s airwaves. Here, to distinguish myself from left-handed MSNBC and its right-handed counterparts at Fox, I present the side of the Libby story that renders unflattering impressions of the party I’m pulling for in ’08, rather than sweeping certain insights under the rug (as Keith Olbermann does whenever Bill O’Reilly unwittingly stumbles over an insightful point of his own). (more…)

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