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The other night, as Christine O’Donnell was arguing for the scientific/educational merits of creationism, she suggested that “the separation of church and state” is not anywhere in the United States Constitution.

Below are two very different media reactions to the incident. (more…)

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Although Muslims say their religion is a peaceful one, many Americans are inclined to call bullshit. How do they expect us to believe that, when their own behavior seems to indicate otherwise? Slaughtering thousands of Americans on 9/11 was not their lone foray into killing; one can turn on the news any night of the week and catch media glimpses of militant jihadists destroying humanity in the name of allah. Muslims and their god “hate our freedom,” and they react viscerally to their own ignorance instead of trying to figure out what we as Americans stand for. As their violence escalates, even the most open-minded Americans are starting to accept the dominant explanation: that almost all of Muslims are evil, and that the few who are “good” don’t have the balls to stop the evildoers. In the name of god, we need to get over there and blow shit up. (more…)

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