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if-you-see-something.jpgI love the United States. As an 80’s and 90’s kid growing up in America I was blessed with a number of luxuries, including perhaps the best education system of any country in the world. My American education taught me how to respond sensibly to most real-life situations. Thankfully, we Americans are well-equipped to deal with the conflict at hand. We are not easily brainwashed into doing stupid things.

Clearly, the 9/11 pilots did not have this ability. They didn’t understand American freedom. They didn’t know us, or what good people we tend to be. Nor did they bother to understand what America stands for.

Instead, they trusted their terrorist leaders, and decided to sacrifice their lives based on the prevailing ideologies of their particular religious, political, and social circles.

Can I, as a citizen in the greatest nation in the world, learn anything from “militant Islam”? (more…)


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Before last night I’d never given a second thought to Senator Chris Dodd. Boring and flavorless, the white-haired presidential hopeful had been a non-factor in every debate I’ve watched, a hackysack for the other Democratic candidates to kick around.  He was a nonentity, the dull guy from Connecticut whose name I could never remember because even that was unspectacular.

Nothing about Dodd distinguished him from the pack. There was no authentic aura accompanying him at the podium, or brazenly innovative ideas hiding up his sleeve. His only redeeming trait, actually, was his ability to make other candidates to look good.  Maybe that was his function all along, to be the beige background that illuminated the top-tier candidates, so that Hillary would seem candid and Obama spontaneous.

When I heard that Dodd was slated to appear on the O’Reilly Factor, my first thought was to feel sorry for him.  The show’s domineering pundit, Bill O’Reilly, who had mastered the art of intimidation interrupting.  I figured O’Reilly would bully Dodd for the entire segment, reducing his guest to a bystander and then gloating about it afterward to his pseudo-celeb sidekick Dennis Miller. (more…)

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The GOP’s position on YouTube

As if young voters needed further evidence, Republicans have shown once again how little regard they have for the future of our country. This time I’m not talking about their economic or environmental sloppiness–debts to society that Generations X and Y will someday be forced to repay. Those catastrophic blind spots aside, what pissed me off today was their blatant disregard for the future’s technology and the young people who have embraced it. (more…)

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I tend to steer clear of the marijuana debate, mainly because it seems like an arena where educated people are consistently made to look like fools by those who have no clue what they’re talking about. But the timing of the AP’s release of this story is too unbelievable for me not to mention it.

DEA badgeOn Wednesday the DEA raided ten marijuana clinics in Los Angeles, arresting clinic owners and managers who allegedly sold marijuana to patients who hadn’t been prescribed it. Most people—potheads and non-smokers alike—were outraged, as it seems rather absurd for L.A.P.D. to waste valuable manpower on victimless white-collar crimes. Is the city any safer if a few thousand potheads are prevented from getting their fix? If anything, cracking down on corrupt marijuana clinicians triggers a boom in the black market, giving more money to American drug dealers peddling drugs for the foreign market.

Whenever policy decisions infuriate large quantities of Americans, I hold my breath and wait for the propaganda to follow, often toting so-called “scientific” claims that are certain to sweep up the mess. Sure enough, on Thursday night—just as Geraldo Rivera was explaining to Bill O’Reilly that pot smokers are peaceful people and marijuana is less harmful than a lot of stuff that’s legal in this country—the following story ran across the AP wire: (more…)

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A true “patriot” loves America enough to speak out against its corrupt politics. The U.S.A. was born out of protest. Our forefathers (frequently misremembered as servants of god) risked their lives revolting in protest against 18th century England’s abuse of colonial power. If we respect these so-called founders as passionately as our bumper stickers indicate, then why are we so afraid to follow their lead? Why do we balk at the mere thought of calling out those who abuse the power we’ve entrusted them with? (more…)

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When it comes to politics, it’s surprisingly hard to find open-minded dialog on the web. Most people are shamefully one-sided, proving that better technology does not necessarily equate to better citizens. The Internet sites are havens where ranters can vent to their comrades and diss their opponents. We make no attempt to connect, or to empathize with each other. No temporary seize-fire is offered. It’s more fun to blast away at our enemies, whether they live in cyberspace or on the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s like we’re all playing cyber tug-of-war, each side pulling with all its energy without looking down to make sure they don’t step in dog shit while winning the pissing contest. Everyone’s desperate to show their allegiance.

Remind you of anything?

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