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MSNBC’s Alison Stewart: “A lot of it is about image…you know, put super- enthusiastic VIPs right in the media’s eye line, avoid physical contact with the protesters so that doesn’t end up on video anywhere, outshout dissenters… frankly, it’s a pretty wise strategy.”

Rachel Maddow: “Even dictators can tell you that it’s wise to have your goons not seen physically bumrushing your law abiding citizens, particularly when they’re protesting against a president who’s giving a speech about freedom of expression and freedom of speech.”

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Let’s be clear about something: putting a flag on your pickup truck is LITERALLY the LEAST you can do to show that you “support our troops.”

The most effective use of propaganda during American wars is to slander those who oppose the war by calling them “unpatriotic.” For the first few years of the U.S. military adventure in Iraq, most Americans were afraid to express any sentiment other than blind support for the war efforts, as opposing the war in those early days was assumed to mean one did not “support our troops.” (more…)

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We knew they’d do it eventually. It was only a matter of time before conservatives played the “Osama ≈ Obama” card. I mean, what the hell–their names kinda rhyme, right? So why not go for it? If Republicans continuously remind people of this phonetic coincidence, maybe everyone will start seeing Barack Obama as an al-Qaeda mastermind.

The GOP has been eying this tacky maneuver for quite awhile.  I’m surprised they held out as long as they did. But like a dog drooling over a milk bone, Mitt Romney inevitably found the free shot too enticing not to take. Today Romney posed for a snapshot with a New Hampshire woman who was brandishing a sign that read: “No to Osama, Obama, and Chelsea’s Moma.”

Since the Republican candidate from Massachusetts had not himself painted the handmade sign, Romney apparently saw nothing wrong with his standing next to it grinning like a goofy dip-shit. (more…)

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