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On the same day she celebrated the long overdue exit of Mark Souder of Indiana, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow went after Rand Paul for fifteen minutes, browbeating him for his wrong answer to a hypothetical answer about a nearly fifty year old bill.

Rand Paul is a different shade of Right Wing than Mark Souder. I’m rather bored with the hypocrites of the Souder variety; hearing them talk just makes me tired.

I wish more Republican politicians were like Rand Paul–intellectually poised and (more…)


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Clinton supporters are furious with the Democratic National Committee, for its decision to not “count the votes.”

The votes of 368 delegates from Florida and Michigan were initially voided altogether because the two states held their primaries in January, earlier than party rules allow.

This weekend the DNC voted 19-8 to seat the delegates at the Denver Democratic convention, but only half a vote for each delegate will count toward the official tally deciding the party’s nominee. This is sort of like the Three-Fifth Compromise of 1787, which gave black people the right to count as 60% of a human being. Actually, it’s nothing like that at all–unless (more…)

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Yankees manager Joe TorreIn an interview with HBO’s Andrea Kremer, Gary Sheffield said the New York Yankees do not treat black and white players the same. Kenny Lofton has corroborated Sheffield’s story, and Sheffield bets Tony Womack will as well.

“Black players had an issue with (Manager) Joe Torre,” Sheffield stated. “They weren’t treated like everybody else. Even I got called out in a couple of meetings that I thought was unfair.”

Embarrassingly, team announcers Joe Girardi, Michael Kay, and Ken Singleton scrambled to the organization’s, and especially Torre’s, defense. Girardi, Kay, and Singleton spent the entire 7th inning defending Torre against not allegations but insinuations that he was a racist. The announcers called Sheffield’s comments “really, really off-base,” citing as their evidence the positive relationships Torre has had with men of color such as Mariano Rivera and Darryl Strawberry (two players who were successful during their tenures in New York City). The use of this example to prove their point illustrated that these sideshow commentators are even more clueless about racism than they are about baseball. (more…)

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