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The other night, as Christine O’Donnell was arguing for the scientific/educational merits of creationism, she suggested that “the separation of church and state” is not anywhere in the United States Constitution.

Below are two very different media reactions to the incident. (more…)


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Thomas Jefferson’s pledge of unending hostility against all restrictions on the freethinking minds of the people is among my favorite historical quotations, but I can never remember it verbatim. (Usually I use Kevin Daneher’s powerful paraphrasing from Hijacking Catastrophe, in which Daneher).

“On the altar of God, I pledge undying hostility to any government restriction on the free minds of the people.”

As it turns out, about the only part of the above that’s word-for-word accurate is “altar of God.” So I did a search for “ ‘altar of God’ AND ‘Jefferson Memorial’ ” and found the original quote:

“I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.” (more…)

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I once was recruited by a sect/denomination known as the Christian Alliance Church. These were some hardcore believers, not your garden variety churchgoer who deep down knows heaven is a longshot but prefers not to think rationally. The Alliance Church saw missionary work as part of their duty as good Christians, and our youth leaders had been all over the word spreading the good word of our good Lord.

From their perspective, there was nothing immoral about prosthelytizing. Why should there be? (more…)

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pot kettle black 2I was reminded of the above H.G. Wells quote after reading the comments to Sparticus’s post, “Oh Eliot, How Could You?” The Eliot Spitzer scandal draws a clear line between free-thinking dissenters and the “Proud to be a Democrat” variety. The latter accept uncritically that, but of course, we must all show how thoroughly outraged we are at Spitzer’s hypocrisy—as if omitting that disclaimer implies that we, too, cheat on our spouses with hookers and gigolos.

But what if instead we refused to treat this scandal as newsworthy? (more…)

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Pledge of Allegiance

About once a year an atheist somewhere makes headlines by suggesting that the phrase “under god” be omitted from the Pledge of Allegiance. Unfailingly such appeals are met by a chorus of protest from the pious, the uneducated and the uninformed: “What is this world coming to? These liberal atheists have no respect for history or tradition! How dare they suggest we take God out of the pledge!” (more…)

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